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Teaming up with PiYoBa and Redline!

I'm excited to announce that Plyosport Physical Therapy is teaming up with Redline Athletics and PiYoBa in Springfield! We will now be able to utilize the amazing space that Redline and PiYoBa offer. It's also conveniently located next to Phoenix Fitness, where we currently treat patients.

Redline Athletics has a large open field space, half a basketball court, and lifting area. This space opens up a lot of rehab opportunities. This now allows Plyosport to treat athletes utilizing the fields and courts to make sure that you can get back to your sport pain free. We can better analyze your form with a soccer drill, jump shot, golf swing, and most other athletic activities with the open field space and basketball court.

Bringing physical therapy to the gym and athletic fields only makes sense. What better way to rehab for your sport than by doing your physical therapy in a familiar sport setting at Redline. The added benefit for youth athletes at Redline is that when you have gotten back to your sport, you can then do sport specific training with the great staff of coaches at Redline.

Golf fitness training is also a service we provide and teaming up with Redline makes your training experience even better. Redline has a large field space and netting that allows us to take a look at your mechanics while actually hitting a golf shot. We can also take a video of your golf swing to better show you the physical limitations we can help you with during your shot. Whether it's mobility work or strength and stability work that is needed to improve your game, Redline has the space and the equipment to make it happen.

Whether you are a weekend warrior trying to get out on the basketball court or a youth athlete rehabbing for the next season, we now have you covered. If you have any questions regarding sports performance physical therapy at Redline, don't hesitate to call, text, or email.


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