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Plyosport Physical Therapy is here!

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

We are opening October 1st inside of Phoenix Fitness in Springfield, Virginia. I'm excited to be able to team up with such an amazing community gym. At Plyosport I wanted to create something a little bit different than your normal physical therapy experience. All visits will be one on one for a full hour in which we will get to the root cause of your problem and develop a comprehensive plan for treatment specific to you. You will never have to share a physical therapist with 2-3 other patients at the same time like you might see at other physical therapy clinics. Every visit will be tailored around your specific needs whether it is getting you back on the basketball court, hitting longer drives or walking the dog. Your evaluations and manual therapy will be done in a private room and we will have the luxury of utilizing the gym space at Phoenix Fitness for your exercises.

At Plyosport treatment is always dictated by you the client and not dictated by insurance companies. Far too often I have seen care driven by what insurance companies tell us we can treat and how we can treat it. I have even seen some insurance companies deny claims for manual therapy, that is the hands on portion of the visit, which is a critical piece of physical therapy treatments. Other insurance companies may only approve a handful of visits for your complex injury. With our fee for service model it is all about the patient and not the insurance company. You will get the professional hands on treatment and exercises you need to get you back to the activities you love.

If you happen to be working out at Phoenix Fitness and bump into me or see me at a local basketball court or golf course don't hesitate to come up and chat. In addition to treating clients at Plyosport I will be providing workshops at several gyms, training studios, and various sports leagues in the area to continue to help the community live and exercise pain free. Also be on the lookout for upcoming content on my social media platforms. I'm excited to get started. It's time to bounce back!


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