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Open House

I’m excited to announce that we are in a new space! Plyosport Physical Therapy is now conveniently located just off the beltway on Port Royal Rd. We are having an open house on December 11th from 12-2PM. We are lucky enough to be hosting the open house with other local doctors. It will be a great opportunity to meet and greet top health care professionals in the Northern Virginia area.

The pandemic has changed things for everyone, including Plyosport. Before the pandemic Plyosport started inside a great local gym, Phoenix Fitness. Unfortunately, Phoenix Fitness was forced to close their doors as many small businesses have had to over the past year and a half. I will be forever grateful for the time spent operating Plyosport out of Phoenix Fitness. This did create the need for a new space for Plyosport and it made sense to get our own stand-alone space to treat patients one-on-one. The new space has been perfect for treating active individuals of all ages over the past few months. I’m excited about growing into our new space and becoming more integrated with our amazing community in the Northern Virginia area.


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