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Golf Fitness

Within the last 20 years golf fitness has exploded. Golf used to be seen as a sport where strength and mobility weren't an integral part of the makeup of a professional golfer. Now you're hard pressed to find a golfer who isn't surrounded by a fitness team. Why the change? Golfers have realized that improving your strength and mobility may get you those few extra yards on your drive. Guys are crushing the ball on tour. Tiger Woods was unique at his peak due to his physical prowess. Now most golfers look like they're cut from the Tiger Woods mold. Fitness is king.

A golf swing is very complex. A lot has to go right for you to consistently hit that tiny golf ball straight and far. Things get more difficult If you have pain, poor motor control, or stiffness. Something as small as a little shoulder stiffness can wreak havoc on your back swing. A tight hip joint might severely limit how you rotate through your swing. Learning your limitations is critical in figuring out how you should swing a golf club.

The great news is that getting stronger and improving your game is attainable by anyone! As a TPI certified physical therapist, it's my job to make sure you achieve your golf fitness goals. What is TPI you ask? The Titleist performance institute was started to help golfers better understand how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. They believe that golfers will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body. After analyzing your functional mobility, a program can be designed to meet your golf goals. If pain is present with functional tests then we will make sure to fix the underlying problem so it won't limit your golf game.

Dr. Dan with Jason Glass TPI instructor

You've probably heard people say that golfers aren't athletes. Try telling that to Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson or any of the other top golfers. If you want to improve your golf fitness or have pain when golfing then don't hesitate to give Plyosport Physical Therapy a call. We're here to help you improve your golf fitness and minimize any risk of injury.


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